directhomemedical-logo-cross-iconThe Alps are a wonderful location to have a holiday but do provide some specific demands upon the body. We feel it is important to let our potential guests know about these prior to booking.

We highly recommend our guests to be “Mountain Fit” as we like to call it. The chalets are about the same altitude as the UK’s highest mountain, so naturally there is a little less oxygen in the air which may affect some guests who have a pre existing health condition.

Our chalets are located in the mountains which are not flat, so an ability to walk up and down gradients and stairs is important. We have done as much as we can to limit the number of stairs, if you do have any trouble with stairs please do contact us as we have some rooms which are on lower levels.

When traveling to locations around the area on excursion days and market visits we will be driving. The roads in the mountains are notoriously twisty and can have a serious affect on those people who have acute motion sickness. If you do suffer from motion sickness, we highly recommend seeing your pharmacist for some medication prior to arriving.

We have made all possible attempts to limit the impact of these environmental conditions however all bookings are made at the customers own risk.

If any of these points are of a concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us at