Rosaline Perle Lacemaking with Judith Cordell
25th July – 1st August 2019

In 1994, I was looking for something to absorb my time. I found myself flicking through an Adult Education brochure, my attention was drawn to a section on Bobbin Lacemaking and my love of lace was born.

By 2002, I was designing and teaching Rosaline Perle lace. As well as running my own local lace workshops, I have taught for the Lace Guild (UK) and found myself teaching at weekends in country houses and glorious tourist locations, given workshops to lace groups across the UK, Europe and America.

The world of lace has bought me into contact with some wonderful people many of whom have become good friends.

In 2011 I published my first book, I remember being interviewed by a lace magazine and being asked if I was pleased with the production – I was enormously – I’d had such good feedback, it was a real boost and I’m most proud of keeping one of the little known about Belgium laces in the limelight. You’d be amazed how many people ask me if Rosaline is a new lace.

Rosaline Perle lace originates from Belgium and belongs with the family of duchesse flower laces. Often thought of as the poor member of the family, Rosaline was worked with relative quickness and ease forming long swags and trails used for collars and edgings. Made up of a series of motifs, dominated by the pretty Rose, joined with small plaits and picots and finished with fluted decorative edges.

With only 14 bobbins and no thread ends to deal with, the floral motifs can easily be adapted for use by the modern lacemaker.