Places, Spaces and Traces with Cas Holmes
2nd – 9th August 2017

Cas Holmes Website

Cas Holmes is coming to the Alpine Experience. Author of several books and articles including the Found Object in Textile Art and Stitch Stories her approach is hands on, experimental with a strong emphasis on using found materials and inventive applications of textile and mixed media processes as part of the exploration of developing a ‘creative language’.

Be inspired by the colours emerging in a garden or changes on the landscape.The colours, textures and changing light over the meadows,  fields and landscape can provide stimulus for the narrative, formal or abstract qualities in textile works. Create samples using a range of techniques inspired by locality and place tailored to the individual projects as your ideas develop.

Often described as ‘painting with cloth. In this workshop you will experiment with different media and techniques, mark-making and paint methods on fabric, including sun print with *silk dyes (weather allowing). The use of stitch as a ‘line’ or mark and texture, and different approaches to assembling textile collage.

  • Combining textiles with found materials, (lace, paper, string etc.)
  • Mark making with drawing media
  • Investigation of mark making, dye and painting techniques with cloth
  • Developing design process and own creative approach
  • Layering, bonding and piecing methods.
  • Use of stitch in design, involving a series of exercises to help you to sketch and mark with stitch.(A technician at West Dean college where she regularly teaches in England described her work as ‘Extreme Stitching’)