Kitty Mason Profile PicLacemaking with Kitty Mason M.B.E.
23rd – 30th August 2018

Kitty began lacemaking in 1972 at a nightclass in Yorkshire and then, after she moved to Scotland, at the College of Craft Education Summer Schools in Leeds with Margaret Tite then Kath King.  Since 1983 she has had the privilege of learning annually with Anne Marie Verbeke in Brugge.  Since doing the City and Guilds as a guinea pig she has become enthralled by colour and texture, often working in larger scale.  She really enjoys the contrasts in her lacemaking from fine and white to colour, texture, wire, etc.

Kitty teaches lace around Scotland and the north of England, a regular fortnightly class in Fife and weekend courses for lace groups around the country.  She also teaches for the Nottingham Bobbin Lace Society at their summer course.  Kitty and her friend have been running the annual Edinburgh Lace Course since 1981.  Kitty has been teaching on the Alpine Experience since it began, indeed she was the first tutor.

Kitty most enjoys teaching the continental laces Bruges Flower, Flanders, Paris Ground and Binche. However she also teaches other laces including Torchon, Bucks Point, and is happy to help people develop their own contemporary lace using traditional techniques, texture and colour.