Bedfordshire Lace with Louise West
18th – 24th June 2019

Louise is an experienced teacher in lacemaking with more than 25 years’ experience in making bobbin lace. She specialises in the English East Midlands laces of Bedfordshire and Bucks Point lace, with a special interest in the floral laces of Thomas Lester. Louise teaches design to students who want to change, adapt or create new designs with guidance, and she regularly comes up with new patterns to challenge students. Louise teaches regular classes in the UK, and travels to teach workshops and short courses throughout Europe.

In addition to the traditional lace, she has an MA in Art & Design in Contemporary lace, completed in 2013 at the University of Derby, a three year course exploring how far lace can go, and worked extensively in wire and 3D pieces. In 2017, Louise published a book ‘Bedfordshire Lace Designs’ which has sold worldwide.

In 2018, Louise developed the method of producing ready to work lace patterns, meaning that all her designs are available with the markings and pinholes ready prepared in card. This saves time and energy for the lacemaker, and also has the benefit of a precise and accurate pattern to start work with. The method uses digital technology and laser cutting combining innovation with a traditional craft.

She has worked to commission, producing 30 metres of Gold lace for the National Trust (UK) for the restoration of the state bedroom at Kedleston Hall. She has also designed and made a piece of Bedfordshire lace (the English Hedgerow) for the Danish Royal family to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Wedding Anniversary.

In 2017, she received an award from the Heritage Crafts Association (UK) as a finalist in the ‘Trainer of the year’, nominated by her students, for the enthusiasm and encouragement of her teaching.