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Embroidery with Lorna Bateman
12th – 21st July 2017

Teaching is my passion! My goal is to try and encourage people to try as many different forms of embroidery as possible, using a kit as an aid to move onto working and experimenting with their own designs. I love working with beginners and reaping the rewards of their enjoyment.Lorna pic for BATB soft edge
I have been teaching for the past 25 years in related fields of 3-dimensional and textured hand embroidery, and designing my own kits for the past 13 years for both beginners and those seeking more of a challenge. I enjoy working with a variety of threads and silk ribbons to achieve a raised and textured effect in my work. I love experimenting with a variety of different embroidery techniques, including ribbon embroidery, stump work, crazy patchwork, painting on fabric, canvaswork and applique. I am passionate about colour and about nature and often use flowers and landscapes as sources of inspiration.