Crewel Embroidery with Anna Scott
14th – 21st August 2018

Class Description

My love of Crewel Embroidery is largely due to the wonderful, fabulous and fantastical oral pa erns which allows us to create decorative pa erns without the restraint of realistic representation. It allows us to use the owing, organic shapes as foundation for colour, texture and pa ern – in other words, we can let our imagination run free and play with colours and stitches.
Inspired by traditional Jacobean Crewel embroidery, I am creating a new, very special project for the Alpine Experience – a traditional, but not typical, Tree of Life. e design will be stitched using a generous selection of di erent stitches in the sparkling blues and greens of the Mountains in summer and the usual proud stag, replaced by a content mountain goat.
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Anna’s tutoring fee is £275 per class member

Chalet Prices

 Accommodation Tutoring Total
Single Occupancy £900 £275 £1175
Double Occupancy £750 £275 £1025


All our rates are made up of an accommodation fee and tutoring fee.