Cantu Lace with Betty Manfre
1st – 10th September 2019

Betty Manfre

Betty’s Cantu Lace Blog

Betty is an Italian American who has lived in Milan, Italy for 20 years.She is a registered ┬ánurse with a degree in Nursing Education. In 1989, she found herself living in Brussels, Belgium, with her husband and daughters. Unable to work as a registered nurse, she turned her interests to lace making, learned Torchon and Duchesse and began teaching Torchon at the American Women’s Club.This quickly became a passion.

In 1997, on returning to Milan, near the Town of Cantu’, she learned to make and design Cantu’ lace. She continues to attend Il Giardino dei Punti, a lace school in Milan, where she has become proficient in Cantu’ lace making. She has won awards at the Gorizia and Sansepolcro International Lace Exhibitions. Betty has also taught Cantu’ lace at IOLI lace conventions as well as to local lace groups in the United States and Canada. She also has represented her Milan lace school as a Cantu’ teacher in Naples, Italy. Her work has been published several times in the International magazines RAKAM and RICAMO ITALIANO.

Betty has also been a quilter for over 30 years and has taught quilting courses in Mexico and Italy.