Beading with Melanie de Miguel
2nd – 8th October 2019

Melanie de Miguel is an internationally renowned beadwork designer, author and tutor. In 1999 Melanie attended the first ever Great British Bead Show, and joined The Beadworkers Guild. As a qualified Science teacher and a bead artist with her own unique designs and ideas, Melanie was encouraged by the Guild to begin teaching. Since then, Melanie has taught workshops for bead groups throughout the UK, Europe and the US, at Shows, bead fairs and beading retreats.

Eclectica NecklaceMelanie realised her designing skills really took off when she had built up a solid arsenal of beading techniques with which to attack every project. Her fascination with threadpaths and constant desire to experiment led her to create an exciting new beadwork technique – Hubble stitch. Publishing Let’s Hubble!, her first book, was the logical next step; it was released on 11th May, 2015 and sold out quickly, reaching the No.1 bestseller in the Beadwork and Jewellery categories. Hubble Stitch 2 soon followed and now Melanie is working on a new book to be released in October, 2018, covering an entirely new theme.

Continuing on the path of innovation, Melanie has been teaching students across the globe via Webinar, all from her office in London!